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Harmless Noise

August 18th, 2010
Blog :: Put Me On It


Wanted to share this post I read last week on a blog that’s new to me: The Real Point Of Music Blogging by Put Me On It. Amelia discusses Mashable’s advice for aspiring music bloggers and points out that there’s a big difference between someone blogging about the music in their life and using a blog as a vehicle for their own career.

I believe music blogging is a unique opportunity for anyone who wants to share music they’re passionate about and interested by, to be really honest about it, to support the artists they believe in, to positively impact the music industry, and to inspire the people around them – the more of that the better. I think it’s sad when bloggers don’t fully take up that opportunity, and they’re motivated by traffic stats, being seen as “up to date”, or heaven forbid “cool”. Those things negatively impact on the way music is made, audiences abilities to sift through all the rubbish, and they devalue all of the quality that is out there. If you want to blog for the right reasons and you have something interesting to say you need no validation – and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

It’s an awesome read enunciating a lot of my personal feelings about blogging. I’ve been asked before “why do you do this?” and I never have any other reason than “because I love it.


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