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September 17th, 2010
Blog :: Musical Rooms

Delighted to see Sinead Gleeson has returned with new posts on Musical Rooms this week with a contribution from Hunter-Gatherer. Somehow he manages to even make his recording space sound spine-chilling…

“At the moment, my musical room is the spare room in my apartment. It’s a small bedroom without a bed. There’s a river outside. The room overlooks half of Dublin from quite a height and I sometimes watch factory fires in the distance. Aeroplanes tiptoe across the sky. There’s no history to the building; it’s only a couple of years old. There used to be a factory on the site but that’s passed into oral history. Kids drink by the gate to the apartment block, slurring into their phones in the shadows that the CCTV cameras can’t reach. There’s nothing for them to do and everywhere to do it in. There are shells of men in the nooks and crannies of the industrial estate down the path, with enormous, hideous, slavering dogs. The men don’t seem to speak; I’m starting to think it’s the dogs that are dealing the drugs.

Great stuff of the typical high quality of Musical Rooms additions, Hunter-Gatherer also discusses his recording equipment, the process of making music and plans for the second album.  Read the full post. Looking forward to more!


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