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In fairness Gav was asking for it:

Do you feel any connection to Dublin any more? Or Irish music? All those bands you’re talking about are international bands.

“I never really felt a total connection to Irish music, and if I did it would end up being fucking O’Riada or fucking Martin Hayes…off the wall shit. I think if you want to generalise about Irish music – and I am generalising here, I’m going to get a fucking hammer to the head when I walk down Grafton St – but a lot of it, to me, is dosed in the singer-songwriter acoustic thing and there’s a pint of Guinness and a spliff in the back pocket. And I don’t drink Guinness or do spliff.


For my part, I feel that in one fell swoop the 1 minute 47 seconds of hardcore laughs above just gave me back the weeksandweeksandweeks I spent one long summer at Hot Press re-photographing every black and white picture of Gavin Friday et al from a 30 year period for a digital archive. 

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