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June 21st, 2011
News :: Popical Island Compilation #2

Hey you guys forget the clouds, summer’s here again! Guess how I know? It’s time for the release of Popical Island‘s Compilation #2, an album of lofi, indie feelright rock and blissful pop from the cutest label in the country. This year’s collection of 18 tracks features many of the usual suspects such as Groom, Grand Pocket Orchestra, Land Lovers, Squarehead, Tieranniesaur and Yeh Deadlies, along with a rake of newbees – Goodly Thousands, We Are Losers, Rhino Magic and le surprise, Michael Knight! I still can’t get over that and his song Hang On I Need To Count The Stops is gorgeous and gentle like early of Montreal. I’ve already posted two fantastic tracks from the Compilation #2, Band Apart by Land Lovers and Tieranniesaur’s Here Be Monsters, and now you can head over to Nialler9 to hear the complete album. It’s really excellent.

Beginning at 2:30 this Saturday afternoon, Popical Island will host a free, all-day show (kid-friendly with fun activities and goofy smiles galore til 6pm) in Whelan’s Upstairs with live sets from 13 of the 18 bands who contributed to the album (fourteen if you count Retarded Cop via satellite – trust Gaz to go one further). You can pick up a CD for €10 that will come in a handmade cover and/or/don’t buy a lucky-dip bag of 3 button badges like these ::

Below is the confirmed running order of the line-up so have a look, rip out the Saturday page on iCal and get along. I have it on good authority that they’re ordering Popical pizzas for everyone’s tea. Bet you anything there’s pineapple jalapenos on ‘em.

15:00-15:30 Sea Pinks
15:45-1615 Rhino Magic
16:30-17:00 Land Lovers
17:15-17:45 Jonny Fun and the…Hesitations
18:00-18:30 Pantone 247
18:30-19:00 Yeh Deadlies
19:15-19:45 Walpurgis Family
20:00-20:30 Goodly Thousands
20:45-21:15 Hello Moon
21:30-22:00 Groom
22:15-22:45 We Are Losers
23:00-23:30 Squarehead
23:30-23:45 Retarded Cop (via satellite)
23:45-00:30 Tieranniesaur

I really must recommend this event whether you’re a long-standing fan or you’re not already familiar with the Popical Island independent record label formed in 2009, their roster of artists/friends, excellent releases (including my favourite album of the year so far, The First Book of Lessons by Yeh Deadlies) and the regular Popicalia gig nights, this really is the ideal introduction to a major hub of Irish creativity with its own affable motto of be sound and be around. I know what and where I’ll be on Saturday.

Popical Island on Twitter and Facebook.


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