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December 14th, 2012
Free Music :: The Holy Sparks


Got listening to this EP Plots Of The Patriarchs from The Holy Sparks last week. It was a completely new name for me, and so I was unprepared for what would arise on pressing play. In about one minute, I had a fair idea that I was going to enjoy listening. It’s hard to pin down: the genres that come to mind seem respectively too mild and extreme to fit. Post-punk with an indie rock slant doesn’t hit the mark. Nor twisted garage. Pop songs with a prog flair isn’t really fair either. It’s not far-out enough to fit what I expect of space rock, but the elements are there, flaring out into the emptiness with a flash and flurry of noise. The drumming, bass, guitar, hell all of it sounds good and there’s some very cool reverb on the vocals, which I’m a sucker for. This, friends, is a bit deliciously fucked up.

I’ve no way of telling but I think this band may be incarnated from Hoovers & Sledgehammers a few years back, just a gut reaction to There Is No Code - guitar and bass are mighty here – and they’re way tighter than H&S, but if you liked them, you’ll like the Holy Sparks. Released on Drunken Lust Records, the EP is free to download and is being launched at the Cobblestone in Smithfield on Saturday 15 December. Get along, with Für Immer and I ♡ The Monster Hero, there’s little room for disappointment.



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