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December 14th, 2012
Video :: White Collar Boy


Saw this excellent video for Another Way by White Collar Boy yesterday when it aired on No Fear Of Pop. Funny thing is that with the way it’s edited, at first, I thought the leafy shots looked like lasers and strobes. Then those come later. That’s an epilepsy warning, btw.

Great work by Evan Buggle (who made the recent Gem DOS vid for Embrace The Fear) that combines both photography and live footage to make a video that has a concept and also gives an impression of White Collar Boy as a live band. The track’s a long running one at over 7 minutes, building its way carefully to a blissy climax. They’re well-paired as support to Le Galaxie at the Workman’s Club on 22 December with Daithi. Last Days of 1984 and REID support LG on the 21st. Both dates are sold out. And, as reported on the NOFP post, White Collar Boy are off to Berlin for 24 January.

Another Way is taken from White Collar Boy’s Kinsale EP which is available to listen/buy on Bandcamp for €5.

White Collar Boy on Twitter and Facebook.



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