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January 3rd, 2013
News :: Drunken Boat


After four years and three albums, at the end of this month Drunken Boat will play a last gig and then scuttle the vessel at sea, letting it sink into the musical deeps. Before that final moment however, an EP of five songs, titled Let go, Be Still is due for release. These two events combine at the Twisted Pepper on 25 January.

What began as an acoustic-electric experimental project for Brian Walsh and Simon Brennan in 2007 expanded and consolidated into a full band of four members; Brian, Dror, Shane and another Simon: Dowling. The reasons for calling it a day are natural; drummer Dror is going to travel to the Caribbean, guitarist Shane has married, Simon is busy with You Kiss By The Book and has plans for a new project with Brian. “We feel we have accomplished everything we wanted in the last EP and previous 3 albums” are Brian’s ultimate words on the subject, and indeed, the Boat has served them well.

Berthed somewhere between alternative folk and rock, I first heard this band when I picked up the mini-album Cut The Engines, Raise The Sails in Road Records back 2008. It was followed by one of my favourite albums of 2009, Plumb The Depths. Concrete Canyons was released in 2010, and Tie The Knots in 2012, this last considered by many to be the band’s best. The full discography is available on Bandcamp.

The final release in the form of the Let Go, Be Still EP which has the core group of Simon, Dror and Brian and features additional guitarists Shane Holly on two songs, Darren Craig of Jogging on With My Feet On The Ground and Bouts‘ Colin Boylan on Quiet Hours. There are still a few announcements to be made re: the EP release and guests at the final/launch gig, but check back here on 15 January to hear the Let Go, Be Still EP stream on Harmless Noise.

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