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A few weeks ago I posted about the impending demise of Drunken Boat who are calling time after four years. Today it’s a bittersweet moment to present the first premiere of their work on this site, in the form of their final release, the Let Go, Be Still EP. Holding fast to the penchant for alternative rock, the band’s core members Brian Walsh, Simon Dowling and Dror Zur are joined by guitarists Shane Holly, Jogging‘s Darren Craig and Colin Boylan of Bouts, making this final ‘Boat EP the most sonically-varied of all their releases to date. Check them out; Brian says the first two songs are stepping stones to something new. With My Feet On The Ground is a beaut, and the 9-minute Quiet Hours is a fantastic finale that hears them bow out with a last expressive flurry of energy. The EP is launched at the farewell gig in Twisted Pepper on 25 January with support from Cave Ghosts and Shane Holly. Admission is €8 and includes a copy of an album from the Drunken Boat discography. You can hear the three previous albums over on their Bandcamp page.

Hope you enjoy listening, and here’s to four years’ good sailing for Drunken Boat, they are great musicians and some of the soundest lads you could hope to meet. It’s not the last we’ve heard of Brian Walsh however: he’s started a new project with Guilty Optics’ Al Finnerty under the name The Lives of Millionaires, and they’ve already amassed an EP of their own.

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