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February 13th, 2013
Video :: Rest


Hoped something like this would show up. Great video by Brendan Talbot from the launch of Rest’s new album I Hold The Wolf at Whelans on 9 February. It was a lucky night, I’d looked forward to the gig so much because I’d never seen them play despite having been listening to the band for years. It’s a longish video and strangely enjoyable in its darkness.
I’ve really enjoyed listening to I Hold The Wolf and haven’t hankered for a live rendition of the tunes, that big first gig anticipation, since I heard the early ASIWYFA stuff. Music of this breed has been rare in recent times here in Ireland, and I don’t mean that with specific reference to metal or instrumental rock but rather, songs pinned to the wings of wide-ranging ideas that fly so far out one way they arrive from the opposite direction, and give your neck some good exercise into the bargain. 
With Rest it’s not just a case of mixing things up with a bit of softy-soft, crashy-crash. They have publicly shunned the use of ‘post-rock’ as a description of their music but have no problem with bandying around sub genres, as the ‘progressive rock’, ‘black metal’ tech-doom-noise tags show on Facebook. Rest straying too far into future in this way, the heavy metal genre wouldn’t have them because they’re just not stable enough but they’re heavy, there’s no doubt. Putting Wizards of Firetop Mountain on afterwards at this gig was a brilliant decision in this respect, Wizards being probably the polar opposite band to Rest, hurtling back to the genesis of heavy metal. It was an excellent night. Be sure to have a listen the new album – the vinyls looked gorgeous.

I Hold the Wolf by Rest


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