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March 5th, 2013
Gig :: Miriam Ingram

Currently working on her third album, this Saturday Miriam Ingram plays a full-band gig in the Grand Social, her first headliner in four years. The video for above was shot in the same venue in June last year at an acoustic gig supporting Sean Miller. The song is called Mother and is sung from the (imaginary) perspective of a murderder’s mother. Below is a different version, recorded by Miriam at home.

Although it’s been quite some time since we last heard from Miriam, her name is still well known due to the quality of her previous albums. Her debut Trampoline was released in 2006 and widely well-received by critics. I came to hear of her a little later, when I picked up the alter ego album Trampolonica, in which her songs were reworked by 17 electronic artists and producers including Decal, Herv, Lakker, Sunken Foal and The Last Sound.

The 1o-strong band who will perform with Miriam on Saturday are equally impressive and include Colin J Morris on bass, guitar and synth, John Dermody (Jimmy Cake) on drums, Enda Bates (Spook of the Thirteenth Lock) on guitar, Carol Keogh, Kim Porcelli on cello and backing vocals, Katherine Atkinson (Ann Scott, Alice Jago) on Violin, Hugh O’Neill on trumpet and Miriam’s 18 year-old son Diomhlain Ingram-Roche is the support act. Previously described by Totally Dublin as the kind of music Hieronymus Bosch would paint to, as the track Mother suggests, the new music from Miriam has a deathly dark cast, the shadows alleviated by gorgeous harmonies and shattering time signatures. Tickets for the gig are priced €10 and doors are 8pm.

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