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No Spill Blood, Ireland’s biggest buzz band of 2012, have two gigs this weekend: Limerick on Friday in the Blind Pig (with synth player Ruadhan morphing into his Magic Pockets guise as support) and Whelan’s in Dublin on Saturday. The shows precede a European tour with Sargent House labelbuds Fang Island in April.

The video above is for New Tricks and was shot in Mandela Hall back in December when the trio played the Benefit Belfast show. The nice audio courtesy of 45Sound and the track is taken from the band’s Street Meat EP which rated #2 in the HN Best EPs of 2012.

Support in Dublin are excellent Melodica Deathship, the doomladen duo who boast of a morbid obsession with the sea, and ZOM, who are new to me. According to Irish Metal Archive, they’re “the latest Death Metal hopefuls to spring up from Dublin” – stream their demo over at CvltNation. Gonna be some hefty gig, eh. Tickets are €10, get some Ralgex for your neck the next day.

No Spill Blood

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