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Richard Dawson is setting off on a very special musical adventure around Ireland this week as part of his European tour. These are the first dates away from home in Newcastle (UK) for the musician and visual artist as a result of an exceptional album The Magic Bridge, which was released in 2011. With a voice that sounds equally roughly-hewn and tender, resonating above skilled guitar, he makes the kind of songs that fill folks’ boots with deep satisfaction for simple pleasures. And this scant description of mine doesn’t even come close to conveying how good he is, so have a listen to The Magic Bridge below and have a read of this recent interview on The Quietus. The video above is for the wonderful song Wooden Bag and there’s also another lovely video for Black Dog In The Sky shot on a greenery-infested rooftop here. A new album called The Glass Trunk is due for release on 28 April – read more on this here.

The first date is in Dublin on Thursday 7 March upstairs in Whelan’s (€8). Support is from Raising Holy Sparks, Yawning Chasm and Birchall/Cheetham duo (a drums&guitar improv act from Manchester). More details on Facebook and on Whelan’s website.
Next is Cork on Friday 8 March, taking place in Plugd, (€7). Support again from Raising Holy Sparks, and opens with a rare screening of avant-garde ‘king of Super-8’ Saul Levine‘s Notes of an Early Fall (1976, 34 mins). Facebook event page.
Last stop is Galway on Saturday 9 March. The venue is DeBurgos (€7). Support is from Brigid Power Ryce and The Driftwood Manor, both of whom have apparently plenty of new material to play. Facebook event page.

Declan Kelly of Yawning Chasm will be on the Flirt FM show Feed Me Weird Things tonight at 9pm to talk about the tour with Dawson, as well as his recent I’m In The AbyssCarpark Recordings‘ releases on new label Abandon Reason.



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