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March 6th, 2013
Video :: Eulogys

Ahead of the release of a double EP Kingfisher and The Hummingbird this new video In Ink from the Eulogys went up a few days ago and is quite a different sound from the preceding Ambergris and Tigerblood EP. Considering the previous plinky piano persuasions this track, in comparison with the older one below, is more lulling and laid-back, leaning on longer rock rhythms. The harmonies are safely still in place, and it’s a good choice for a first single from the new release.
I like the way its rhythm ramps up the last section and my only criticism is that this progression comes too late, as it’s the point at which the song seems to really get going but the track then cuts off with this flourish. Definitely a radio song and one for playlists, I can hear this going down very well indeed with indie fans. While the video isn’t really my bag due to an overload of scenic/mirrorwork/geometric graphic visuals in recent times, it’s still very pretty and easy to watch.

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