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Harmless Noise

Two instrumental tracks to introduce Carlow beatmaker Shriekin' Specialist. 

These are so damn nice there’s no way I’d keep ‘em to myself. Two fresh hip hop instrumentals that encompass all kinds of goodness, from cloud rap to ragga. Evening gets me, I’m all about that gorgeous synth.

Shriekin’ Specialist is Jack Sheehan, aka Bobanghi, from Carlow, and Last/Evening are two tracks released as a single on Little League Records. I don’t know much more about him. But a) I’m following on Soundcloud now and b) if this is just a taste, I can’t wait to hear the full set of flavours. If you want more, hit that ^SC link^.

I’ve marked the single as a free download because LLR said that’s cool but it’s actually available on a name-your-price basis so if you like what you hear, drop the guy some coin. Check out more releases from the label on their Bandcamp.

Shriekin’ Specialist on Facebook.



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