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July 3rd, 2013
News :: Keith Moss


Finally, the debut album from Keith Moss, 'What Eludes You Moves You', is due for release on 26 July. 

The debut album from Keith Moss What Eludes You Moves You is released on 26 July through Reekus Records. I find it incredibly hard to believe that it’s his debut album, considering I first struck up a conversation with Keith back in the hazy days of 2006 when we both hung out on MySpace. We haven’t spoken since that site bombed but he was working on his music then, and now he’s finally ready to release it to the world in the form of an album. You have to admire that kind of discipline to get everything right. And it begs the burning question of, is the album worth the wait?

That depends really, on whether you like wry pop, lyrics which have slight bleaknesses countered with humour and peculiar trains of thought. Because if not, there’s nothing here for you. It all hinges on the personality of the man. And it’s not the standard fare of singer-songwriters either. Marc Aubele of NanuNanu produced five of the the tracks to add stranger flavours to Keith’s already-unusual approach to arrangements, and the result is an album that spans a variety of pop, rock and folk combinations. Below you’ll see the video for opening track Torture In Paradise; I think my favourite number from the album in my listens so far would be slow, pensive Maybe It’s Me with the odd use of a whistle for timely, haunting effect.

I’m not sure if Reekus are fans of Bandcamp etc so there may not be an opportunity to share a stream of this album, so pick it up if you see it on sale in a record shop near you. And catch the songs live when Keith Moss and The Tightrope Walkers launch What Eludes You Moves You on 26 July at Whelan’s. In the meantime, the band play with The Statics at the Thomas House this Saturday 6 July.


Keith Moss on Twitter and Facebook.


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