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November 13th, 2013
News :: Paper Penguin


More new music from abstract hip hop producer Paper Penguin. 

In the mere weeks that followed the New Music On The Production Line post in which I introduced Paper Penguin with the track Stuffed Nose, the producer has upped no less than five new tracks to his soundcloud page. His forays into doom-laden, abstract hip hop are sounding better with each turn, and it’s impressive that despite the strict constraints imposed around the music to keep a form of cohesive darkness, each one sounds quite distinctly seperate from the rest. Here are three, but there are more.

There’s one crucial ingredient in the tracks by Paper Penguin that makes these really outstanding pieces of music: the spaciousness. It’s not just about creating a murky aura that conveys a particularly heavy emotion, but there’s an almost visual aspect that stretches the ears across distances, so that there’s a value to what goes in between. Some really good stuff has come our way already and it looks like there’s no sign of Paper Penguin stopping any time soon.

Paper Penguin on Twitter.


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