There are online reviews, a vast array of apps, and websites storing music shared via multiple algorithms, which can become confusing.

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SoundCloud also shows the up-and-coming artists that well-known musicians are listening to. Similarly, each month Bandcamp names the best new music on the platform, in a variety of genres including ambient music or best hip-hop. Both Soundcloud and Bandcamp allow you to “tag surf” from a band you like to others they like.

Many musicians will upload their work on SoundCloud or similar. A SoundCloud account in which your favourite music is stored and which records your preferences on music that you have accessed, can put these options through an algorithm which will then drop into autoplay mode, delivering songs that are tagged as related to those that you have previously stated to have liked. YouTube and Spotify do the same, making it possible to learn the names of new musicians and their songs without having to do any research

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Friend recommendations

Having music recommended is as important today as it has always been. Today, it’s possible to share music with anyone, anywhere in the world who shares your taste in music. Sharing a Dropbox folder or similar where you can load up albums you think the other will enjoy.

Whilst there is more music to listen to than ever before, the number of albums you will enjoy each year is likely to remain static. For most people this is about ten new album releases each year. If your workplace has a chat app, start a channel for sharing music. Here you can find recommendations from people younger and cooler or older and wiser.

Other blogs and sites

The Pitchfork website has big headlines including Best New Artists, Best New Music and more, as well as curating playlists on Apple Music. If you can find a music review sitate that matches your taste, tag it! Otherwise use others to see what’s out each week.

For new good music from a genre or an era that is new to you, it is easy to find “best of” lists online that can show you the albums that you may have missed. Rolling Stones has lists of music that have mass appeal, but there are other blogs and sites that offer less obvious playlists like Belgian techno, neoclassical dark wave, and mumble rap.


If there is a record label or a producer of whom you are particularly enamoured, become a follower on their website to see who they are booking and who is being written about. It may be that you already have a list of musicians that you have heard about as being good, but who you haven’t yet heard. Make a list and dig out their music. It’s unlikely your list will run out.

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Most people born after the turn of the twenty-first century will source nearly all their new music from apps. Whether Spotify, YouTube or other music sites that attempt to tailor playlists to your preferences, the unique personalisation makes accessing new music and new artists much easier. Playlists can be updated weekly or automatically at any time.

Yet apps have brought the world’s music library to us all. Add your likes to the platform and with a little detective work you can access more and more music to enjoy. One way is to look at the playlist of your favourite artist or producer. Mark as ‘liked’ the tracks found that you like and then start listening to the albums where these songs are published. Of the albums that you have marked as great, start looking at the artists’ back catalogue. This creates a totally new set of playlists. The bonus of doing this is not only the many discoveries of new music, but also the rediscovery of previously forgotten tunes that can now be counted among your favourites.

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Social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest all have music-based groups that you can join, or follow the pages of specific artists. Music recommendation communities can be intimidating, but Facebook has a way of making it all feel accessible.

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Radio shows

Some good new music can be heard on the radio. Check in with your specialist DJs, but listen widely too. Listening to the Top 40 or other radio channel that your family members enjoy can introduce you to new artists whose work you can enjoy together.

College radio DJ’s often bring under-represented music to public ears. Apple Music also offers radio shows such as Beats 1 Radio and Blonded Radio with new tracks.