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Whoah, you couldn’t ever hear this coming, but now it’s here you’ll never wanna...

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On Saturday November 23, Dolittle Presents The Late David Turpin’s Fur Show at The...

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You might remember that I posted about EMBRZ a short while back, declaring that...

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Yesterday I mentioned a little bit about the new album that The Urges are...

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  • My Pilot launch their debut album tonight in Sweeneys. For Winter is an 11-track collection of scintillating folk/rock/pop that has driven several people to threaten harm to the band. Uh huh. Please don’t harm the band, just buy their album and sate your thirst for blood with songs instead. I’ll do a review when I […]

  • News :: Kid Karate

    November 29th, 2013
    News :: Kid Karate

    Earlier this week, Kid Karate dropped a blammy bit of news when they announced their track Louder was being used as the intro track on the new Xbox One welcome screen. Because we can’t all have one, they’ve consoled us with making the track available for everyone to hear, so here it is. The noisiest […]

  • Whoah, you couldn’t ever hear this coming, but now it’s here you’ll never wanna let it go. Cork’s golden boy of heavyweight electronic tunes, Ruairi Lynch aka Bantum, has stripped the guitars and drums of We Cut Corners‘ new single YKK and instead has pressed and moulded it into a completely different object, with major […]

  • News :: Chrystyne

    November 28th, 2013
    News :: Chrystyne

    The pairing of Diamond Dagger and Goodtime, this is Chrystyne. And if you know those names, respectively fuelled by retro electronic beats and sweet alternative folk vibes, you’ll be able to guess that this new track, Time Is An Arrow, is gorgeous. A house beat so low-slung all it’s missing is a pair of pelvic […]

  • Album :: Ghost Maps

    November 28th, 2013
    Album :: Ghost Maps

    This last quarter of the year has seen an influx of good new releases, albums in particular, and from Ghost Maps we have a really very good album in The Ocean From The River. It’s the work of Jeff Martin, and in October we were given the first taste of things to come in the […]

  • Video :: Nanu Nanu

    November 28th, 2013
    Video :: Nanu Nanu

    This is some week for sexy Irish music videos. Bouts gave us some no-frills sex, and now here’s something completely different from Nanu Nanu, featuring pole dancing, masked marauders and a glo-paint party. You wouldn’t expect anything less than glitz and glamour from the “alien-pop” pair and they’ve certainly delivered in their latest video, for […]

  • Free Music :: Philharmongrel

    November 28th, 2013
    Free Music :: Philharmongrel

    Philharmongrel are from Athlone, a seven-piece band comprised of two drummers, two bassists and three guitarists who play math rock, but sing indie songs. Not the most common mix but they make it work very well for them. Two singless have been released, the most recent being the September single Falling Man released on 9/11. […]

  • News :: _maker DIY Electronics

    November 27th, 2013
    News :: _maker DIY Electronics

    The main thing musicians talk about, after music, is the gear they use. Last week I put a shout out asking if any musicians fancied taking part in a _maker workshop to build their own studio electronics, and reporting how they got on back here on Harmless Noise. The positions have been filled, but there […]

  • Gig :: We Cut Corners

    November 26th, 2013
    Gig :: We Cut Corners

    Last month we saw a new video in YKK from WCC. It’s as big a tune as we’d expect from the duo John and Conall, who took the scene by storm with their debut album Today I Realised I Could Go Home Backwards back in 2011. It was packed with great singles that showed their […]

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  • Interview :: Crayonsmith

    Ciaran: “We said we’d sit down and write properly, arrange the songs, put loads of time into them.
 Then it just happened anyway. Some songs started somewhere else, and they weren’t working, so you change them around, try different things.” Wayne: “Long writing process and short recording process.” Richie: “I hadn’t been through this process

    Interview :: Crayonsmith
  • Interview :: Broken Song Rapper Costello

    “It’s mad to see people’s responses,” says James Costello, smiling broadly over a table in the cafe of the IFI. “I only saw one of me friends from school, from back in the day when I was 14, 15, he remembered us from rapping. He was all like, “I’ve got me ticket to see the

    Interview :: Broken Song Rapper Costello
  • Interview :: Broken Song Director Claire Dix

    In the past two years, I’ve posted more Irish hip hop than all the previous years combined. While there have been knotty pockets of activity all around Ireland, Dublin’s northside of the city has seen a veritable explosion of talent in the form of several producers and MCs who share a driving passion to produce

    Interview :: Broken Song Director Claire Dix
  • Interview :: Faux Kings

    Back in April I posted about a tidy little bruiser of an EP called Faux Kings Are Ready To Rumble. It’s a rousing six minutes of sweat that will have you baying for blood, or gigs. As their song Luchadora features on the new EP and they’re set to play the Big Itch 7″ EP

    Interview :: Faux Kings
  • Interview :: The #1s

    A Saturday afternoon in Dublin when everything that can go wrong for a journalist, does go wrong. Sometimes, you just wanna bail. I’ve forgot my dictaphone, I’ve no phone credit, I’m late for an interview with The #1s, it’s pissing rain, my hair’s in my eyes, every person on Earth is in my way as

    Interview :: The #1s

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  • Gig :: Corcovado

    November 13th, 2013
    Gig :: Corcovado

    Tonight in the Button Factory, Irish and Brazilian culture combines in Corcovado. Trinity Orchestra and Nova Collective members head an ensemble performing bossa nova and samba-style arrangements of pop music, and along with the music there will be capoeira...

  • This year the Web Summit technology festival revealed a new aspect: the Night Summit, which features a host of Irish music, with bands, collectives and DJs. Having opened last night, the Web Summit runs from 30-31 October at the...

  • Who rehearses in a disused morgue? Which band almost blew up a van? Who has the best celebrity anecdote? Rather than the usual interviews or top picks, I figured there was something a bit more fun to be done...

  • Finishing on a high after a brilliant summer season at the Summer Solstice in June and Electric Picnic, Body & Soul have put together twelve tracks for a recuperative playback experience of some highlights from their last weekend in...

  • An excellent array of acts have been announced for the Body & Soul area at Electric Picnic. Taking place in Stradbally on the weekend of 30 August – 1 September, it’s the tenth year running that B&S set up...

  • This week sees the start of arts fest 10 Days In Dublin. Kicking off tonight, the schedule is jam-packed with a huge array of events that incorporate a multitude of different art mediums, from creative writing, drama, comedy, poetry...

  • Just announced this morning are six new additions for Body & Soul.which round off the 2013 event very nicely indeed. As previously mentioned, the biggest acts heading to Westmeath for the summer solstice are Nick Cave and the Bad...

  • Last night the line-up for Knockanstockan 2013 was released and it’s an absolutely huge list with many well-known acts set to make their way to Blessington, some returning, some new to the hip little boutique festival. The immediate names...

  • Festival :: LiveStyles

    May 29th, 2013
    Festival :: LiveStyles

    Hip hop acts and fans in Ireland get a raw deal when it comes to live events, if the artist isn’t a lean-sipping, blunt-chuffing big name from the US or further afield, chances are promoters don’t wanna know. Kudos...

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